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Jean Valjean in the first 10 minutes of the movie:  I only stole a loaf of bread

literally me for the rest of Les Miserables:


Fun fact! ^This line in Aladdin was a reference to Les Miserables. They had it because the girl who did the voice for Jasmine’s singing, Lea Salonga, played Eponine on broadway and is one of the most famous Eponines ever. She also went on to play Fantine and was the singing voice of Mulan


dr who series 1 episode guide

  • episode 1:

    plastic mickey goes to town

  • episode 2:

    loose piece of skin causes turmoil while the earTH IS INCINERATED

  • episode 3:

    shit goes down in cardiff (and you know it will again)

  • episode 4/5:

    farting aliens try to take over the government and they would have gotten away with it if it hadnt been for you meddling kids and your vinegar

  • episode 6:

    an angry robot sticks a plunger into the internet and learns the meaning of love

  • episode 7:

    simon pegg is loose and dangerous

  • episode 8:

    langoliers level 2

  • episode 9/10:

    stevie moffat straps a gas mask to an 8 year old. every other 8 year old in existence learns what fear means

  • episode 11:

    dr who takes a leftover fart alien on a date

  • episode 12/13:

    anne robinson's true form is revealed and rose explodes like twice at least

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